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test.pptx#== Slide Number 2 ==

Key stakeholders, functions and core technology components along with rough timelines

Slide Number 2[edit]

Birds eye view - product

Slide Number 3[edit]

Product core components

AGB Admin

Create org hierarchy for clients

Tech stack ( RoR , PostGRE , REDIS, Xendesk , Email stuff)

Zendesk / ticketing system in order to manage client issues as well as help client monitor internal issues

Create admin role for client

User management(# of users, roles, kinds of reports, limits on all of the above etc )


Client Admin

Access rules for BI reports

Business rule management (relating to decision trees for e.g.)

Tech stack ( RoR , PostGRE , REDIS, Xendesk , Email stuff

Bug tracking and monitoring

All the things mentioned in the prior box (AGB admin)

Create team structure and assign leaders (for e.g. assign 4 agents to work GI and assign a leader)

Ops admin

Tech stack ( RoR , PostGRE , REDIS, Xendesk , nodeJS , python, rabbit mq )

Escalation management (bot to human, human to supervisor)

Monitoring conversations (and be able to define flow breakages)

Managing chat agents (human)

Define bot escalation rules

Monitor metrics (AHT types)

Monitor success of scheduling algos

Queue management

Slide Number 4[edit]

product core comp – continued…


Tech stack (subset of #3)

Nothing specific since the client is represented in the system as just a stream of text / media coming in from one of our channels

BI User

Be able to compare reports and prepare dashboards for supervisors

Configure reports for supervisors

Tech stack (subset of #3)

Extract reports into different formats

Agent (human)


Tech stack (subset of #3)

Set status

Ticket status management (update notes, track follow ups, monitor alerts for SLA’s)

Slide Number 5[edit]

Priority List (product features)

Highest priority

Windows interface (chat window in case the customer wants to put us up on their website)

Agent (human) console and allied apps

end user interface / functionality(via different channels)

Ops admin


AGB admin

Adding self help features (for e.g. searching in KB / FAQ for users etc )

Slightly lower

Self help features( for e.g. FAQ search)

BI reports and analytics workflows, rules

Client admin

Slide Number 6[edit]

Rough timelines


All things AI (data collection framework ,cleaning, labelling, training, analysis etc ) ..this will be an ongoing activity but a majority can be ready by Oct 1 st week or so

Lower priority

Again based on prior slides (Oct last week)

Backend infra

Including but not limited to configuring servers, load balancing, containerization, scheduling, logging, backup mechanisms etc

Aug - Sept

Demo feedback

If we have high value demos (before alpha) then prepping the demo and incorporating important feedback (ongoing)

High priority items

Based on the prior slides, the high priority items need to be ready by oct 1 st week. Should give us a month to test before alpha release